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What to expect from an appraisal

When we appraise your home we utilise our knowledge of the current real estate market to determine what a buyer may pay for your home.

Many people use an appraisal as a first step when looking to move. Others like to assess value to assist with renovation plans or insurance requirements.

You’ll receive a written report, get a good feel for the local market and discover what’s realistic in terms of a fair value for your prpoerty.



Local expertise

We live and breath Brisbane Inner-South. Our opinion is backed by hyper-local knowledge.

Market trends

We will outline timely market activity and how it may affect the value of your property.

No obligation

We’ll provide our opinion for free. There is no obligation to sell your home with Jeff Jones.

Quick with no fuss

We only need 20 minutes of your time and you will receive a written appraisal the next day .