This grand old dame has helped plenty a weary commuter return home from a hard day in the office, and has also been on hand as a centerpiece to some of Brisbane’s milestone celebrations. It’s only fitting that the city of Brisbane celebrates the Story Bridge’s 75th birthday with a party befitting such a stately cultural and architectural icoStory Bridgen.

On July 5, the Story Bridge will temporarily close to its usual traffic (around 30 million cars per year) and instead host one of Brisbane’s more contemporary icons, the Eat Street markets. This magical blend of old and new will prove quite a spectacle, offering locals and tourists the rare opportunity to enjoy our beloved icon from a totally unique perspective.

Tickets will be limited, so act quickly to snap up your spot with the second-round release scheduled for June 1. A handpicked crowd of regular Eat Street vendors will be on hand to tickle your taste buds, along with a gathering of more than 40 food trucks offering the ultimate stake out for take out.

While many of travel on us the Story Bridge daily, it’s rare to enjoy a major public event from its lofty height. Offering uninterrupted view of the Brisbane River and surrounding city skyline, the Story Bridge was first proposed as a solution to the growing population’s transport woes in the mid-1920’s. Completed in 1940, the distinctive cantilever style was replicated elsewhere across the globe, and offered Brisbane a distinctive icon which now enjoys a well-deserved heritage status.

Dazzling from a distance with her ever-changing array of lights, the Story Bridge will no doubt sail through her 70’s and beyond as a continuing as a beloved beacon of Brisbane.

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