Every family has one: the hardcore DIYer. Found pottering in gardens on the weekends, or tinkering away on the tools, this family member is worth their weight in gold when it comes to maintenance around the home. If you’re lucky enough to have a serious DIYer in your life, shop smart at Christmas and stock up on the tools of their (weekend) trade.


Toolkit Basics

A cordless drill will never go astray in the toolkit of the weekend warrior. Run entirely on rechargeable batteries, these handy appliances a probably the most versatile item in the toolkit, solving all sorts of home repair issues in the blink of an eye. An entry-level cordless drill will set you back around $50-$70, while a deluxe model will nudge $200-$300.

If your renovator likes to dabble in furniture restoration as well as home repairs, a cordless sander will be an ideal investment for future projects. Useful for preparing surfaces for paint or varnish touch-ups, the humble sander will save many a forearm from the injustice of repeatedly scrubbing with old-fashioned sandpaper. Like the cordless drill, various price points are available but your average cordless sander shouldn’t cost much more than $99.


Home Magazines For Inspiration

For those who like to dream about their next big project, a home design magazine subscription will get the creative juices flowing. High-end interior addicts will enjoy classics like Vogue Living or Belle, an Australian publication with forty years of stylish interiors to its name.

For the architecture aficionados Artichoke brings you the latest in architectural interiors to life on the pages of its quarterly publication, compiled by some of Australia’s leading practitioners.

Australian stalwart Better Homes and Gardens presents a wealth of tips, projects and ideas for home renovation, and has a sister publication Do It Yourself acts as a go-to guide with step-by-step advice for both simple and complex projects.

Subscriptions start at around $35 per year and off significant savings on individual issue prices.


Secret Santa Renovator Gifts

An item doesn’t have to be big ticket to make an impact on a home renovation. Hardware stores are great places to pick up handy tools for under $20. Think multi-compartment toolboxes to organise endless nails and screws, tape measures for sizing up the next project and BBQ kits for the new rear deck. Solar fairy lights will also give you change from $20 and are a guaranteed way to light up someone special’s backyard.


For The DIYer Who Has Everything

If you can’t bear the thought of gifting another gadget for the tool shed, pay it forward and treat someone else to a renovation themed gift that will literally change a life. Charitable organisations allow you to donate to a specific cause and it’s a satisfying way to ensure your gift will truly touch and improve the lives of others.

A $35 Tippy Tap will gift a community in need with the basic plumbing skills to build their own simple device to allow hand washing and prevent the spread of disease. If improving kitchens is more the passion of your renovator, snap up a fuel efficient stove and improve smoke ventilation in developing communities. Or, if your DIYer prefers the green thumb approach, a community vegetable farm will provide seeds, tools and the ongoing gift of produce to help communities become self sufficient for generations to come.

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