Dressed To Impress

With the rise of renovation reality shows and celebrity interior designers, the age of impressive interiors is well and truly upon us. So while plumping cushions, ironing sheets and hanging pendants is well and truly the rage for high-rating television shows, does a professional eye for design really sell houses?

In short, yes. Staging a home with rented furniture and interiors is a real plus if your property is being sold as a vacant home. Prospective buyers walking into an empty house may feel, well, empty. Great cavernous spaces feel cold and provide little feeling of homeliness or warmth, two things serious buyers prize. Brisbane boasts a vibrant interior design scene that is only growing every year. There are plenty of local furniture companies and design aficionados who will rent you the basics to place your home on the winner’s podium come selling time.shutterstock_129899267

Having a professional cast their eye over your property with your existing furniture is also beneficial. They may recommend cutting down on some clutter to create more space, and may bring some key pieces of their own to truly bring out your home’s unique character and present it in the best possible light.

Furniture alone doesn’t create a home. A true professional knows the heart of the home is usually where the family spends the most time: the living areas. Any interior designer will be keen to ensure this important space is sending a great message to buyers. Warmth extends beyond furniture, and comes across in the little textual touches: an artfully placed throw, a proportion boggling rug or fresh blooms scattered around the room, providing both a gorgeous scent and something delightful to look at.

While hiring furniture or a professional interior decorator makes a lot of sense when you are searching for a quick sale or top dollar, it isn’t always practical. If you’d like to flex your own design muscle, bring a fresh pair of eyes, a brutal drive to de-clutter and lots of enthusiasm. Inspiration could come from design magazines and websites, or other properties on the market you’ve admired. Be kind to your home; highlight its best features and make sure your furniture choices are sympathetic to the original bones and character your property offers.

There is no escaping the fact that staging sells homes. Take the time to consider the options for your property. A small investment at the start of your campaign could save you valuable time further down the track, by reducing the time your home remains on the market. It can also prove lucrative. Dressing your home to impress will be more likely to open wallets wider, as many buyers respond emotionally (and financially!) to a beautiful interior that makes them feel at home instantly.

For more tips, seek out a good agent with experience selling properties similar to yours. They will be able to provide some examples of other well-dressed homes for you, recommend professionals with the right expertise and discuss what will help your home stand out from the crowd.