What Is FastApp?

FastApp processing is a system we have introduced to streamline rental applications. Most real estate offices aim to process an application in 48-72 hours. With FastApp we aim to approve a tenant for a property in 4 business hours and have them pay a deposit the same day. All whilst minimising or eliminating vacancy periods and delivering a better tenant.


Leasing 101 – The “Traditional” Way

Every real estate agency is taught a process for leasing at Real Estate 101. It goes something like this. Show a prospective tenant a property, have them complete an application form with some information, chase up external parties for more information and wait…

Finally, when all the information comes in, the agent contacts the owner and passes on the information to see if the application is suitable. In the meantime days (and even weeks) can pass while an exasperated tenant waits to find out if they are moving in and the property sits vacant. It’s a long drawn out process and no one wins.


It Can Be Done Better

We knew there was a better way so we reverse engineered the entire process to ensure there were no “bottlenecks” in the system.

The result is a streamlined system that gets properties rented quicker and we think attracts a better tenant.

We have implemented a strict processing criteria for each application which we cross match and confirm with your explicit leasing instructions. Tenants are then asked to provide ALL relevant information with their applications to ensure a fast turnaround.


How Do I Know The Tenant Is Suitable?

Before we market your property we confirm the processing criteria and your instructions and then we get on with finding a tenant.

We’ll be proactive in finding a suitable tenant and if they meet the criteria they are approved, lease paperwork is prepared and initial payments are made quickly. Of course we will keep you updated on our progress every step of the way.

And if an applicant doesn’t meet the criteria we will refer them to you with advice. If you’re not happy they’re not approved.

Although we have cut down the leasing and processing time, we haven’t cut any corners. You can be assured that all the checks and balances are in place to secure the very best tenant. As an agency renting 60-80 properties per month, we are the trusted opinion when providing advice on tenancy applications.


To deliver a distinct advantage in the marketplace every property that has been approved for FastApp Processing is stamped FastApp eligible. This is a marker to all prospective tenants that their application can be processed quickly. We’ll often find a jump in the “quality” of application on FastApp eligible properties. We are asking the applicant to get all their documentation together and chase information up front.


How To Get Started

Your Jeff Jones Real Estate Property Manager will speak to you regarding the processing criteria and your specific instructions before it’s time to market your property for lease.

We’re confident you will be delighted with the streamlined process.


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