There’s no denying that selling a house can be a stressful, hectic and at times overwhelming endeavour. Most people only go through the stress of selling their home a handful of times in their life, but a bad selling experience can be enough to put you off the real estate business for life. Real estate agents sell houses every week and a good experienced agent can really lighten your load come crunch time.

If you’re in the market for a professional agent to sell your home, consider the following tips:

Attend an open house as a prospective buyershutterstock_203428828
The best way to evaluate your prospective agent in action is at an open house. Attending a local open house is a great way to get a feel for an agent’s approach in an informal setting. It also doubles as an excellent research trip to check out the competition and see what other properties in your area offer buyers.

A great agent will greet you and get your details to ensure they can keep in close contact with you as a prospective buyer.  A great agent will also be engaged with the selling process; this includes having a knowledge of unique building features, understanding the local area and taking a genuine interest in meeting prospective purchasers and matching them to suitable properties.

An informed agent will take time to have a chat with you as a prospective buyer and answer any questions you may have. They will also follow up with you promptly if they can’t answer your questions on the spot.

Other things to keep an eye on at an open house include the quality of the house’s marketing material. Expect to be dazzled by a friendly smile in person and a great summary on paper. A professional marketing campaign can make all the difference. That’s what buyers will take away with them from the open house, and it’s also what they’ll share with friends and family when they are seeking a second opinion.

Do some research online
A good agent will have a solid website. Check out an agency’s current listings to get a feel for their area of speciality and section of the market they are most active in. A well presented website makes it easy for potential buyers to navigate, which will in turn increase the click traffic to property listings, and eventually this will increase actual foot traffic through your own home.

A great web listing will show the property in its best light. Along with professional photography, keep a look out for clear and concise wording highlighting the property’s best features and encouraging buyers to take a closer look.

In Queensland, many agencies are actively involved with REIQ which acts as a body for professionals working in real estate. Keep an eye on websites of prospective agents to see their membership to REIQ and other professional bodies at a national level. REIQ regularly awards high-achieving agencies, and their finalist list is an excellent place to start when you’re looking for a professional and dedicated agency.

Go with your gut
Sometimes, all the research in the world can’t beat a good first impression. If you meet an agent and really like what they stand for, that’s an excellent sign. Selling your home can be an emotional time and it’s important to work with someone who puts you at ease, understands your needs and can bring a lot of passion to the project.

Finally, no matter how you conduct your research, don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions. Selling a property is a rigorous job and you want to know your agent is up to the challenge, and has all the requisite knowledge to give you a result worth popping open the bubbly for.

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