For tenants the idea of a routine inspection can send shivers up the spine. What are they checking? Weren’t they just here? Never fear, a routine inspection is generally a quick, easy process and there are good reasons for carrying out regular, detailed inspections for owners and tenants.

Firstly, a notice in the correct form must be provided to obtain access to the property. In Queensland 7 days notice is required, our agency aims to provide at least 2 weeks notice.

Many property owners often don’t physically inspect a property from year to year. They rely on a detailed routine inspection report to be kept abreast of maintenance issues and wear and tear on the property. For this reason photos (and now often videos) are taken to provide detailed information.

During the inspection the condition of carpets, tiles and walls will be looked at carefully. Stains left untreated can result in permanent damage. Lawns and gardens can be a significant investment for a landlord and often there are strict requirements for the maintenance of these areas. During an inspection the property manager will also be looking for maintenance and safety issues.

An accurate record of the condition of the property during the tenancy can also assist during the vacate process. When looked at in conjunction with a detailed entry condition report, discrepanices about the condition of the property when handed over can be avoided.

The good news is in the vast majority of cases everything is fine so don’t stress out. It’s a quick 5-10 minute walk through the property and a thank you message. In the event there are issues that need to be addressed such as cleaning you will be provided with detailed information. If a reinspection is required sufficient time should be given to attend to any matters.