JJ-Uni logoA wise man once said: ‘Watch, listen and learn. You can’t do it all by yourself’. That wise man was Donald Trump, a man whose hair, decadent lifestyle and all-round plucky approach to investing need no introduction.

While most people don’t recommend copying Donald’s follicle fashions, there’s a lot to be said for his attitude towards learning and education. Property investment is at times a daunting prospect, and taking the time to watch, listen and learn is the best way to develop a solid foundation of knowledge when you’re a potential or current investor.

With this in mind, we’ve coined the term ‘J.J. University’.  We feel this is a great way to describe our upcoming investor education night. J.J. University may lack the stuffy sandstone credentials of traditional higher education (not too mention the stratospheric HECS bills) but it certainly delivers on expert lecturers, outstanding investor graduate outcomes and a real world approach.


noel-whittakerOur first J.J. University event is headlined with a lecture from the inimitable Noel Whittaker, Australia’s financial whiz and all-round tax expert. Noel brings with him a vast experience in the Australian investment market, as well as a long career advising an impressive eight million readers weekly in his syndicated newspaper columns. Noel has written dozens of books offering no-nonsense financial advice, and is a favourite among investors for his comprehensive and visionary advice on financial management.

Australia’s current economic climate has thrown some unique conditions at the property market: interest rates are at an impressive low, many new investors are entering the market but growth remains steady. J.J. University offers a great place to stop and take stock of these factors, and carefully consider your next move.

If you’ve previously pondered the merits of self-managed super, or been confused by ongoing property-related tax reform, you’ll benefit from attending this event. If you’re a first-time investor or you already own a portfolio of investments, J.J. University is a great forum for learning more and planning your next financially savvy move.

With a focus on a crowd-friendly interactive learning style, this event will allow you to take part in a Q&A session, mingle with experts and learn from local investing peers. Boost your investing confidence and take away tips for navigating the evolving market.

J.J. University kicks off in 2015 with a one-night event at Lord Stanley Hotel, East Brisbane on the 7th of May. ‘Student fees’ are a reasonable $15, and this covers light refreshments, excellent company and a sizeable boost in your market knowledge upon completion.

We hope you’ll join us at this valuable and educational night out.

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