First impressions speak volumes to prospective buyers, so it makes sense to light up your property to enhance its best features. When considering what impression your home creates, it’s important to keep in mind that buyers respond positively to homes that have a sense of openness, that is, homes that let in natural light and allow air to circulate freely.

Fortunately in Queensland, we are blessed with a particularly sunny climate and our homes have a tendency to soak up natural light. Even so, it’s not uncommon for one or two rooms of a quintessential Queensland house to be a bit problematic in terms of lighting.

If you’ve identified a room that isn’t really giving off a great vibe and is looking a worrying shade of dark and dingy, consider one of the following tips for improving its appearance and that all important first impression.


Paint the Gloom Away

One of the simplest ways to create a warmer feel is to consider a fresh coat of paint. A quick change of wall colour can really lift a room and change the overall feel. Dark and heavy colours don’t do much for any natural light your room has access to, instead, consider a coat of lighter paint. Whites, beiges, pastels and even light metallic tones can really change the feel of a dark and dingy room, as well as making the space feel much larger.


Have a Light Bulb Momentshutterstock_121658089

Interior design is in the throes of a love affair with the humble bulb. Any lighting store you walk in to will have a vast array of pendant or bulb lights. Consider grouping feature bulbs from the ceiling of your problem room. As well as creating some serious style cred, this practical solution will really brighten even the darkest of rooms. If there is a corner of a larger room that is struggling to see the sunlight, large floor lamps will add a point of interest, and can be taken with you to light up your new property.


Reach for the Stars

If you’re looking for a larger-scale solution, skylights are a sure-fire way to soak up more ambient warmth in your home. You’ll need a licensed builder to discuss viable options for installing a skylight, but adding one will really change a room and can definitely add value to your property.


Look Outside to Light Up Inside

Sometimes, the answer to your inside lighting is actually outside. Consider the greenery and trees that surround your property. Can you cut back a garden that’s gotten a little out of control? Is there a tree that is seriously blocking the natural light to your home? As well as making your garden a little tidier, cutting back some overwhelming foliage will generally light things up inside your home.

Of course in addition to these small changes, on the day of your open house it’s always a good idea to open windows and doors and give buyers an idea of how airy and light your home can be. Open-plan living and outdoor entertaining are two hallmarks of Queensland living, and are highly sought after by buyers. A light and airy home is a formidable combination in our sub-tropical climate.

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