New Smoke Alarm Laws For Landlords

The State Government has announced new laws governing smoke alarm requirements, which will be phased in commencing 1 January 2017. The need for updated legislation arose following several house fire tragedies in recent years, most notably a Slacks Creek blaze in 2011, which claimed 11 lives.

Several changes are afoot, including new requirements for smoke alarms in every bedroom, between areas containing bedrooms, in hallways servicing bedrooms and in any other storey present in a residential property.

The smoke alarm requirements will also govern the quality of alarms. It will be mandatory for smoke alarms to be interconnected, and they must either run from a 10-year lithium battery, or be hardwired into the property’s electrical system.

The compliance requirements will come into effect immediately on 1 January 2017 for any new developments, while existing properties will need to update their systems in time for pending sales or leases five years after this date.

It is recommended all landlords look to the new legislation when completing renovations or preparing their property for lease, in order to be compliant as the changes come into effect. 1300 Compliance Services have a range of packages available ensuring all legal requirements are met as well as obligations from insurance companies.