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From the outside looking in, some may say that all Property Managers are the same.

But there are distinct, subtle activities that truly differentiate the best from the rest.

With industry leading innovation, a can do attitude, unprecedented property management knowledge and a six-star service mindset, we want to be an important part of your investment journey.

Our team is one of the largest and most qualified in the greater Brisbane region. We’re ready to invest the time and commitment to look after your property the way it should be done.

  • Industry leading FastApp tenancy processing

  • Expedited documentation through electronic signing

  • Video routine inspections

  • An outstanding network of reliable and proven professional services

Inner South Brisbane’s most experienced opinion.

Marie McMenemy lives and breathes Brisbane investment property. Working closely with property investors for more than 30 years, no one understands our local market better. Period.

Like to know what properties like yours are renting for?

With our local knowledge and specialised services, we have insights into properties like yours and neighbourhoods you may be interested. Get in touch with Marie to see how we can help get the most out of your opportunity.

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Property Management is one of Jeff Jones Real Estate’s key departments, with the firm boasting one of the largest Property Management teams in the area. Headed by Marie McMenemy, herself with over 30 years of property management experience in the Brisbane inner city area, the Jeff Jones Property Management team has raised the bar when it comes to property management.

As a landlord dealing with the Property Management team, here is what you will notice:

A commitment to communication
Communication is critical for landlords and tenants, and that is why the Jeff Jones team follows strict protocols for regular communication between property managers, landlords and tenants. You will always know what is going on with your property and your tenants to ensure everything stays on track!

A commitment to customer service
The Jeff Jones Real Estate team strives for excellence, and that is why feedback from both tenants and landlords is vital. Feedback from tenants and landlords allows the team to continuously improve their customer service.

A separate leasing team
Jeff Jones Real Estate team has a dedicated leasing team focused purely on getting properties tenanted in the shortest possible time. Add to this the marketing team with graphic design professionals, and it’s no surprise that the team tenants properties for their landlords fast!

One point of contact
As a landlord, you will have just one point of contact to handle all of your landlord affairs – from collection of rents and inspections right through to tenant feedback and leasing. It’s all thanks to the structured operating model Jeff Jones Real Estate prides itself on, a model that ensures there is always one point of contact to help you.

Dedication to landlord compliance
Being a landlord with legal responsibilities, and thanks to the training and processes followed by the Jeff Jones Property Management team, you will be kept informed on all compliance issues, giving you the total peace of mind you deserve.

A commitment to excellence all-round
The Jeff Jones Property Management team is one of the largest in the area. What really stands the team out is the commitment to excellence which shows in the supervisory structure of the team and consistent delivery of customer expectations. Performance is important among the team with bonuses and ongoing training all a part of the team experience at Jeff Jones. The result of all of this: happy landlords and happy tenants!

Talk to Marie McMenemy about your property management needs.