8/12 Crown Street


$560 per week

Don't Flip Out: Fever dreams high in this Holland Park abode

(Verse 1) Holland Park, where dreams ignite, Brick haven shining, in the golden light. Open-plan living, air so sweet, Chic kitchen whispers, where memories meet.

(Pre-Chorus) Top floor views, a love so true, Balcony whispers, just me and you. Private oasis, close yet far, In Holland Park, under the stars.

(Chorus) Holland Park, a sweet retreat, Cafes and shops, where two hearts beat. Lockup garage, our love secured, Renovated kitchen, where dreams are lured.

(Verse 2) Walk to Holland Park’s strip, cafes so near, Hotel and shops, the atmosphere clear. Secure complex, our haven in the sun, Tranquillity and love, blended as one.

(Pre-Chorus) Express bus stops, in the golden rays, In Holland Park, where love stays.

(Bridge) This tale of love, like a Swift refrain, In Holland Park, where hearts remain. Book your stay, in this sweet delight, In Holland Park, where dreams take flight.

(Chorus) Holland Park, a summer’s dream, In true style, where love’s the theme. No more cruel summer, just love’s embrace, In Holland Park, our happy place.

Important Information

Available from: 01/03/2024

Rent: $560 per week


Rooms: Living
1 garage