Not everyone is a natural with an angle grinder or particularly proficient with a plunger.  However, real estate agencies deal with all types of property repairs and maintenance issues on a daily basis ensuring they know the right professional tradesperson for the job.

Real estate agencies typically only use licensed and qualified tradespeople carry out work on properties. Screened to a stringent criteria, the tradies are the best at what they do, and comply with all relevant industry guidelines.  This provides landlords peace of mind that their property is both managed and repaired by a team of well-equipped professionals.shutterstock_148465370

If a problem arises that requires professional attention, tenants are encouraged to contact their property manager as soon as practical with details of the issue. In order to make the disruption as minimal as possible – for both tenants and landlords – your property manager has a number of ways to secure a speedy repair.

Depending on how you’d like to customise your property management, your property manager is happy to organise repairs independently with the relevant repairers, and cover payments from your monthly rental income payment. This is no-fuss management, which frees you up to get on with the more exciting aspects of life, while retaining the knowledge that your property is being properly and professionally maintained.

Depending on the situation, any repairs required may be covered by a landlord, body corporate or other insurance policy. This is especially true in Queensland where we enjoy some fairly spectacular weather but occasionally endure very destructive conditions.

Of course, to minimise any emergency repair situations, it’s a good idea to thoroughly maintain your property. Keeping things in check is easy with regular entry and exit reports as well as periodical inspections. Photos and information collected on these professional inspections will give you a clear picture of what might need attention in your property and help you avoid further damage down the track.

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