Fund manager DomaCom has revealed it is in the process of gaining regulatory approval for two ‘fractional equity release’ products, which it hopes to launch by the end of the year.

The standard product will allow home owners to sell off a percentage of their property to investors, while a seniors version will be similar to a reverse mortgage.

Head of sales & marketing Warren Gibson said the fractional equity release products would give home owners new funding options. “It could be anyone from a mum or dad who wants to pay for school fees or an SMSF that is overexposed to property and wants to get some equity out without selling the entire property,” he said.

Mr Gibson said the DomaCom products would allow clients to invest in real estate without the need to buy an entire property.

They will be able to buy and sell property shares via an online peer-to-peer market, which will operate like the stock market, he said.

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