To Style or Not To Style

We all know that if a house is vacant, it will most likely be on the market longer and wil
l sell for a lower price than a similar house that is beautifully styled and presented in a manner that will entice the buyers with a vision of how their potential home could look.

Why is this

Plain and simple, because people buy homes, not houses.  Buyers need to feel a connection to your property.  They need to see themselves living in your home.  When buyers are able to visualize themselves living in your property, they begin to feel a connection.  This connection helps creates an emotional bond with your home.


Property Marketing

One the most important marketing tools you can use to grab a buyer’s attention is photography.  The vast majority of buyers begin their search for a new home by looking at listings online.  When we ask our photographers to shoot an empty house for marketing, they find it somewhat difficult.  Regardless of whether or not you choose to style your home, our photographers will make it look as attractive as they possibly can, and help it stand out from the crowd.  But, bringing a furnished home to life and giving it an attractive look in print advertising is a much simpler task.  It also makes a much bigger impact on a buyer.  Tasteful furnishings will cause the online photos of your home to stand out from the vacant homes. Buyers making their list of which homes to see during the weekend open houses are more likely to put a furnished home at the top of their list.

Something else styling can do for your home is draw attention away from any flaws your home may have.  A large percentage of home buyers will dismiss minor property flaws when your home is tastefully furnished.  The styling becomes a type of positive filter through which a buyer sees your home.

If you, like many sellers, have already moved from your home and taken your furniture with you, we can help!  We work with several professional styling companies who will tastefully furnish your home.  They’ll help you transform your vacant property into a properly furnished home so that it will have the greatest chance to impress a buyer.  Styling your home will give you the best opportunity to see a quicker sale and a higher-priced offer. Which at the end of the day, is the result we want to achieve for you.