Investment Property Damage FAQs

One of the unfortunate realities of investing in real estate is the damage that can occur to your property, and the unexpected expenses that arise as a result. Even good tenants can accidentally damage your property, and whilst it’s not possible to prepare for every possible damage risk, it is possible to prepare yourself by […]

The ATO 2016 Rental Property Guide

The ATO (Australian Tax Office) produce a guide for property investors each year. Rental properties 2016 will help you, as an owner of rental property in Australia, determine: which rental income is assessable for tax purposes which expenses are allowable deductions which records you need to keep what you need to know when you sell […]

To Style or Not To Style

We all know that if a house is vacant, it will most likely be on the market longer and wil l sell for a lower price than a similar house that is beautifully styled and presented in a manner that will entice the buyers with a vision of how their potential home could look. Why […]

Betting On Brisbane Transport

No one doubts property prices have a knack of rising where demand outstrips supply. Excellent schools, prolific parks and proximity to the city are well known for improving property prices, but there is something a little less glamorous that will also do the trick: public transport. Commuting on buses and trains is a daily reality […]

Stars Align For Smart Investment Buying

The real estate gods have been kind to investors in recent times, with record low interest rates and steadily increasing property values. This current climate lends itself to super-charging your investment portfolio, particularly if you already have equity in your primary home or other investments. Using assets as a main leveraging tool for investment borrowing […]

J.J. University – Learn From Industry Experts

A wise man once said: ‘Watch, listen and learn. You can’t do it all by yourself’. That wise man was Donald Trump, a man whose hair, decadent lifestyle and all-round plucky approach to investing need no introduction. While most people don’t recommend copying Donald’s follicle fashions, there’s a lot to be said for his attitude […]

Interest Rates cut to record low of 2.25%.

The decision has been eagerly anticipated for quite some time and as of yesterday the RBA has announced the change of official cash rate for the first time in 18 months.  The cash rate has been dropped 25 basis points to record low of 2.25 per cent, which is expected to have a positive impact on […]