What About Pets At Your Investment Property?

Approximately 63% of Australians own pets, making us one of the world’s leading countries in pet ownership. Given these growing numbers, it’s worth considering making your property available to tenants who are pet owners. The Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act provides an outline of responsibilities a tenant must undertake should they choose to keep […]

Investment Property Damage FAQs

One of the unfortunate realities of investing in real estate is the damage that can occur to your property, and the unexpected expenses that arise as a result. Even good tenants can accidentally damage your property, and whilst it’s not possible to prepare for every possible damage risk, it is possible to prepare yourself by […]

New Year Renovation Resolutions

Every year, scores of people dive into new lifestyles promising themselves they will lose weight, change unhealthy habits or spend more time with loved ones. Even the best-intentioned resolutions have a tendency to fall by the wayside, so what if you poured your energy into renovation resolutions instead and put self improvement aside and invested […]

Town Planning Terms Investors & Renovators Should Know

Renovations are a big job, and like all big jobs they require substantial planning before you get the satisfaction of taking a sledgehammer to your walls or begin tearing up the carpets. Councils across Australia are responsible for approving renovations and new building work for residential properties in their district. You’ve likely heard terms like […]

Suspended Pool Coming To Stones Corner

With apartment construction booming across Brisbane, savvy developers are looking for a point of difference in an increasingly crowded market. One creative solution will shortly grace the skies of Stones Corner: a suspended pool floating 25 metres in the air. Florence, a 107 apartment development on Flora Street, will be the proud owner of the […]

Brisbane Tipped To Be 2016’s Performer

Brisbane’s property market has not reached the dizzying heights of Sydney and Melbourne, with median prices remaining at much more affordable levels. Data released by National Australia Bank (NAB) in their most recent Housing Insights Report reported Brisbane’s median home value remains a staggering $441,000 less than Sydney and $144,000 less than Melbourne’s median price. […]

Second Green Light For Stones Corner Developments

Stones Corner is continuing its transition from a light commercial and retail hub to a medium density residential precinct. The district’s second large development (following in the footsteps of Blue Sky’s Stone & Co) will be situated in Stoneham Street, and will span 11 floors. To gain approval for the development, several adjustments were made […]

Gabba Gentrification Continues With New Deshon

Woolloongabba continues to build on its reputation as Brisbane’s gentrification hub, following strong interest and subsequent sales of off-the-plan apartments in New Deshon. New Deshon is the second tower to be developed in the South City Tower project, which will blend residential, retail and entertainment development. The first tower released to the market, One South […]

Investment Strategies For Success

Investing in property is a very popular way for Australians to take control of their financial future. Creating a property portfolio is a great way to get ahead, and can really pay dividends provided your purchases are based on solid research and careful planning.   Here are just a few tips for purchasing an investment […]

Rental Renovations That Reward

Rental properties often get the short end of the stick when it comes to renovations. Without day to day access to your property, it’s easy to let things slide and not see how tired things have gotten. Many investors tend to adopt the approach ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’, but having this mindset […]

Stars Align For Smart Investment Buying

The real estate gods have been kind to investors in recent times, with record low interest rates and steadily increasing property values. This current climate lends itself to super-charging your investment portfolio, particularly if you already have equity in your primary home or other investments. Using assets as a main leveraging tool for investment borrowing […]

Finding Your Perfect Investment Match

Low interest rates and favourable tax arrangements are making property an increasingly attractive haven for investors, and purchasing a solid bricks and mortar investment is certainly worth considering if you’re looking for a secure financial future. Before you dive in and start being wooed by what’s currently on the market, do some research and set […]