What About Pets At Your Investment Property?

Approximately 63% of Australians own pets, making us one of the world’s leading countries in pet ownership. Given these growing numbers, it’s worth considering making your property available to tenants who are pet owners. The Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act provides an outline of responsibilities a tenant must undertake should they choose to keep […]

Tax Time For Investors

As we reach for the blankets and rug up for winter, accountants around town polish up their door signs and get ready for the annual onslaught of business. The winter months bring with it one of life’s certainties: tax. While most of us dread tax time for its seemingly endless paperwork and potential for a […]

Interest Rates Cuts Predicted For 2015

Interest Rates Cuts Predicted For 2015 from rebonline.com.au Acting on a New Year’s resolution – buying an investment property from propertyobserver.com.au