Top Five Reasons To Call Brisbane’s Inner South Home

5. Absolutely Amazing Infrastructure

Not many regions of Queensland can boast to be home to the trifecta of modern infrastructure: tunnels, freeways and transport dedicated roads. Brisbane’s inner south continues to benefit from upgrades to roads and services of the greater Brisbane area, with the last decade alone gifting us a cross-city tunnel, a growing busway network and continued upgrades and accessibility to the South East Freeway. These roads and initiatives help inner-south residents cruise around town in next to no time, but for top-class infrastructure closer to home look no further than three major hospitals servicing both public and private patients, a bustling train line running straight through densely populated suburbs and splintering off to the south and east, and several impressive public pool and council recreation facilities.


4. Proximity to Brisbane City

Thanks to this aforementioned great infrastructure, the city is never far away from a home in the inner south. Inner city hotspots like Woolloongabba and Kangaroo Point are walking distance to Brisbane’s CBD, and take in some spectacular scenery as you meander along the Brisbane River. The next ring of suburbs out, like Greenslopes, Annerley, Coorparoo and Tarragindi, enjoy the extensive transport and road infrastructure, ensuring the spoils of the city are never more than a ten-minute drive or fifteen-minute commute away. This certainly beats a commute from newer satellite townships on Brisbane’s fringe, where some dedicated souls sit on transport for three hours daily.



3. Sensational Established Schools

If you’ve entered the child-rearing years, having a good school in the area is guaranteed to make life easier in the long run. Brisbane’s inner south boasts some of Queensland’s most popular independent and Catholic schools, set in lovely grounds in family-friendly suburbs. This area also has a great range of government schools with strict catchment requirements due to their excellent academic records and proud tradition of first-rate education. Coorparoo alone is home to two primary schools and four high schools which have been delivering a reputable education to local families for the best part of a century.


2. Thriving Foodie Culture

While having great schools, transport, and proximity to the city is great for your lifestyle, all this is basically useless if you can’t grab a quality coffee in your neighbourhood. Thankfully, the inner south has progressively welcomed a swarm of providers to our neighbourhood, all of which have a serious dedication to quality food and brews. The ever-changing face of Stones Corner seems to have finally found its calling as home to edgy dining, with punchy cafes and bars like Shady Palms and The Bent Elbow taking up residence. Woolloongabba’s Logan Road antiques pocket is a treat for fine dining and historical bars, while Camp Hill and Coorparoo don’t miss out on quality breakfast spots and lattes in Martha Street and its surrounds. Throw in classics like Greenslopes’ ever-bustling Sushi Train and Brisbane’s steakhouse icon The Norman, and you certainly won’t go hungry in our little southern foodie paradise.


1. The Huge Range Of Housing

With a truly unique blend of old and new, the changing streetscape of the inner-south delivers, no matter what your housing style preference. While original Queenslander homes are dotted throughout the inner south, past construction has left a legacy of apartment living, offering something for everyone across many eras and budgets. 1960s six-pack brick apartments sit proudly alongside tin-roof cottages, and nestled between these two dominant styles are contemporary houses on sub-divided blocks, new multi-storey developments built around central hubs of Woolloongabba and Coorparoo, post-war timber cottages, and pockets of art deco stucco brilliance in Greenslopes. Just about every architectural style jostles for a place in the inner-south, with housing to suit singles, couples, families, renters or buyers and everyone in between.