Virtual Staging

Virtual furnishing can transform the online appeal of any properties marketing campaign. 

Virtual furniture uses the images taken by a photographer and edits furniture and clutter out replacing it with modern furniture in a layout suiting the style of the room.

Replace outdated furniture with more visually appealing design elements

Modern technology allows professional graphic designers to replace old furniture with new modern pieces in order to appeal to a broader audience.

List as many photographs of the property as possible

The more photos displayed of the property the better. Consumers want to gather as much information about a property before viewing as possible. If you skimp out, people may think that there a hidden surprise.

Take photographs of all the main rooms

Ensuring every room is photographed to a high standard allows a property to be shown off and tempt people in to wanting an inspection.

Clutter free

If the property is full of boxes or clutter, virtual furnishing can remove everything from the photo and add in furniture pieces suitable to the room.


Virtual furniture allows people to visualise the layout and floor area of a property. They can imagine where their furniture may sit and imagine living in the property.


From $30 per image. Contact your Jeff Jones Real Estate Property Manager or Sales Consultant for more information.