Ever had that sinking feeling when you turn up to an open for inspection and jostle for a place among the crowds? While popular properties will always draw a crowd, it’s very possible to snag your favourite property with a winning application. Here are some tips for making your application stand out for an agent.


Bring Your Credentials

If you’ve ever filled out a form and left half the details blank you’re doing yourself a great disservice. The more documentation you have on hand the easier it is for you an agent to fast track your application. At a minimum, most applications will require a copy of your photo identification, usually a passport or driver’s licence, proof of income via recent payslips and a debit or Medicare card to meet identity requirements. Ensure you have both paper and digital copies of these, so you’re ready to rumble no matter what the application process throws at you.

Read all about our FastApp processing to see how the right application documentation can help you secure your new home sooner.


Submit Your Brag Book

If you’ve had excellent references from other agents in the past, make sure this forms part of your application. Having a written reference from a reputable agent will be very shutterstock_146162657attractive for landlords and agents alike. Make sure you have contact details on hand for personal and professional references, so that they are just a phone call away for the rental agent.


Apply Online

If the rental agency has an online submission process, this is a good way to beat the queues and get your application processed quickly. Jeff Jones Real Estate use 1Form. It’s simple to use and allows you to upload your documentation.


Impress At The Inspection

Finally, never underestimate the importance of a positive first impression. Turn up on time to open for inspections, always let an agent know if you can no longer make a pre-booked inspection and be sure to express enthusiasm if you’re genuinely interested in a property. Agents will relay these positives back to landlords, so it certainly pays to be considerate and polite to your leasing agent.

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